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Certainly the horror stories and bad behavior of residents preparing or evacuating ahead of the Hurricane Irma strike in Florida are making news, but a "feel good" story should remind us all how kindness and compassion is much more important than the material items.

Customers have gone store-to-store searching for plywood, drinking water, gas cans and generators, many leaving empty-handed. She traveled 30 miles from her home to a store in Orlando and was next in line to purchase a generator when the final unit was given to the customer standing before her in line.

Brekke broke down, brought to tears by the thought of her father losing oxygen if the power cut out.

Pam Brekke's father is on oxygen.

"My father's on oxygen, and I'm anxious about this storm", Brekke told WFTV through tears, adding that she has spent days trying to buy a generator.

Completely overwhelmed with the hopelessness of the situation, Ms Brekke burst into tears.

The two hugged, and Santiago continued his shopping.

As a follow-up, the station that covered the story initially - WFTV-TV - took it upon themselves to make sure Santiago got a generator himself. "It's okay. No worry for them", said Santiago. "That gentleman was a great gentleman right there".

"God bless his heart".

"She needed the generator".