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Some women always seem to have it all together, and Jennifer Garner is a prime Hollywood example.

The video shows Garner riding in a auto and telling someone on the phone how she couldn't stop crying during a song in Hamilton because it was "so lovely".

Garner has shared what might be the best #tbt Instagram video of all time: a beautifully shot and brilliantly composed short film of herself recovering from dental surgery - all while sobbing incoherently about how much she loves Hamilton. We can't blame her, though, because it really is so handsome.

We'll have some of what Jennifer Garner's having, please.

The actress shared a throwback video on Thursday, giving fans a glimpse at a time when she left the dentist all hopped up on medicine.

Those are some impressive numbers for a Instagram newcomer, but she's not the first person to hit it big with a hilarious post-dentist video.

Garner's followers on Instagram were quick to applaud the star for sharing the moment.

"I started crying", she says, slurring her words a bit thanks to the drugs and novocaine, "I couldn't stop..." I said, it's so lovely. "It's so handsome! Listen to this song!'"

"It was handsome - that music was so lovely".