Donald Trump Jr. got married there two weeks after Hurricane Wilma, which seems like an event unlikely to have taken place had Mar-a-Lago been the cracked, water-stained mess Trump seems to have claimed.

In addition to Mar-a-Lago, the Trump International Golf Club and the Palm Beach and Trump National Golf Club are also closed, as numerous Trump properties take precautions against the storm, a spokesperson for the Trump Organization said in a statement on Friday.

The state of Florida is evacuating in anticipation of Hurricane Irma, including U.S.

Donald Trump's resort, as well as the rest of Palm Beach County and the surrounding barrier islands have been ordered to evacuate, TIME reports. The storm is expected to engulf much of the state, and Mar-a-Lago - where Trump often spends his weekends - is in the storm's path.

When reporters asked Mar-a-Lago member and former Palm Beach Mayor Jack McDonald about the sum, he said, "I am unable to comprehend $17 million in reimbursable damage". "There was a little flooding in some of the basements, too", he told the paper.

Mar-a-Lago is an exclusive social club, with a property that stretches east to west across the island. The building, which has 3-foot-thick walls, has reportedly survived every hurricane since.

Mar-A-Lago is the property that Trump has the longest ties to in the area, having purchased it from Post in 1985.

Today, Trump and First Lady Melanie Trump will be hosting a weekend meeting of Cabinet officials, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, at Camp David in Maryland, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said yesterday during a White House press briefing.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says out of the 45 arrested, 25 people were just arrested for breaking the curfew.

Hallie Jackson, of NBC News, reported Friday that all three of those Trump golf clubs were already closed.