KXIP vs KKR Live Score

From computers, "Minecraft" has spread to game consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3/4, where some cool stuff was introduced like cross-platform play and licensed franchises being featured. During the September 13, 2017, a New Nintendo 3DS version was announced during the Nintendo Direct. As the name suggests, its exclusive to the New 3DS and not any older versions. For the convenience of players, the developers have provided two different controls.

Five Skin Packs are included, with the Mooshroom Tamer, Artisan, Red Boy, Santa Claus, and Tundra Tamer shown in the trailer. A packaged cartridge version of the game will be available at retail at a later date, Nintendo confirmed. However, if you love box arts and would settle for nothing less than a superb box to add to your library, you should wait for a couple of weeks. The company had a bunch of announcements to make, such as DOOM's upcoming arrival on the Nintendo Switch for the holidays and, of course, Minecraft's arrival on the newest 3DS family product line. This is the first time so many third party titles are coming to a Nintendo machine.