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Teams may have to develop another process to trust if the NBA Draft lottery procedures are amended.

"We do hope it will cut down on the resting of players in marquee games", Silver said in a statement released by the league in March. The proposed guidelines for resting players will encourage teams to sit healthy players for home rather than away games, and discourage the practice during nationally televised games. Two-thirds majority will have to be in favor of the lottery reform for it to pass, and the board will be voting on it on September 28, in NY.

The other somewhat monumental proposal is fixing the draft lottery to eliminate tanking, which is when bad teams, for lack of a better phrase, lose on goal. Right now, the team that finishes with the league's worst record has a 25% chance of landing the No. 1 pick, while the next two teams have 19.9% and 15.6% chances, respectively. Under the new plan, those teams would share a 14 percent chance, league sources said, and odds of ensuing teams would drop incrementally by a percentage point or two, league sources said. For example, the team with the worst record could potentially fall to No. 5 instead of the current floor of No. 4.

With the way the National Basketball Association lottery is now set up, the worst team in the league has a 25 percent chance to pick first, while the No. 2 team has a 19.9 percent chance, and the No. 3 team 15.6 percent.

The proposal would also allow teams to drop further in the lottery.

There is trepidation among small-market teams that lottery reform will make it even harder for non-destination markets to obtain star-level players through the draft, especially because of a pervasive belief that it has become increasingly hard to do so through free agency and trades.

Silver sees stars resting as such an issue because the league isn't giving the fan the best product.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnorowski, one proposal includes commissioner Adam Silver having the ability to fine teams for resting healthy players during nationally televised games.