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Despite all these, some are still claiming that the Switch is not hitting its full potential and it is because of Nintendo.

The issue comes due to the fact that some content comes "Out of the box". Even if the game is now owned by Microsoft, the company has kept its promise and is still releasing new updates for consoles owned by rival companies such as Sony, Nintendo etc.

The Nintendo Switch has reportedly passed 1.5 million in sales in Japan since it was released earlier this year in March.

In NBA 2K18 there is a title that emphasises this.

The Nintendo Switch loses (already!) the memory...

Aside from the update about online access being given to South American gamers (specifically in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Peru), the Nintendo Switch OS 3.0.2 update also brings in various stability updates to help improve the user experience.

If the hybrid side of the Switch is clearly, unanimously, the console on the other hand, pale in the face of its competitors, much more advanced technologically speaking.

The silver lining to all of this however, is that any and all titles that require a MicroSD card will have a warning on their cover.

As great as the Nintendo Switch is, 32GB of internal storage isn't really enough for modern gaming.

You can check out the new trailer below.

These new microSDXC cards will be available in 64GB and 128 GB sizes and will feature the Nintendo Switch logo on them.

Going into the fourth quarter of 2017, Nintendo appear to be powering down a tad, as though Super Mario Odyssey is still coming in October, it's their last big first-party release on home console, letting owners take a look back at everything released so far.

Nintendo points out that the lack of a memory card will render the games unplayable.