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Next Games is now working on a new mobile video game based on AMC's The Walking Dead, which sounds all well and good, but wait until you hear that it makes use of augmented reality gameplay, much like fellow mobile title Pokémon Go. In the meantime you can check out the game's trailer below, and the game's official site. The trailer took a lot of cues from the "Pokémon GO" trailer.

The video shows players fighting off the undead in places like a convenience store and a hospital.

This suggests that players could possibly encounter the show's favorite characters while playing the game, such as Michonne, Daryl and Rick.

Players will be able to pick up weapons that will be randomly dropped in the game's world, to be used to slay the vicious walkers.

A Finnish development studio called Next Games is in charge of creating the game.

A week ago, Star Wars unveiled its massive AR game tied to December's arrival of The Last Jedi, as augmented-reality entertainment from huge screen franchises becomes the new normal.

The TV series The Walking Dead has already made a name for itself and have had a number of followers who are ready to pay for an immersive zombie experience.

Although the trailer doesn't showcase any gameplay details and should be considered a concept more than anything, it does appear that The Walking Dead: Our World will share Pokemon Go's reliance on location-based gameplay.

The upcoming title is being prepped to be available to both Android and iOS devices.