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Today, we found out that one of them is Sony, which is releasing a gorgeous Assistant-powered smart speaker that appears to take the wind out of the sails of Apple's HomePod announcement.

Panasonic, meanwhile, unveiled the GA10 smart speaker featuring a classy design and available in black or white. In addition, you can likewise combine your telephone with this brilliant speaker utilizing Bluetooth.

The Sony LF-S50G speaker comes in black, white and blue, all of which have a base respective of the main speaker colour. Of course, the LF-S50G also works with other Wi-Fi-connected devices that support Google Assistant integration.

Labeled as the LF-S50G, Sony's new speaker looks much like an Apple HomePod, but with a few differences.

While the Echo and Google Home are made from metal and plastic, the LF-S50G is covered in a splash-proof material, which doubles up as a clock display. Instead of working with Siri, however, the LF-S50G is a Google Assistant-enabled speaker and works almost identically as Google Home: to grab its attention, say "Hey Google" or "OK Google".

The nifty device, which lets you control smart lights, music, thermostats and get news/weather/calendar updates by saying the "OK Google" command, is splashproof, shows the time in an LED matrix and has, what should be decent, 360-degree sound. It also has an IPX3-rating and a water repellent coating so it can be placed in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as the living room or any other room you fancy it in. With a straightforward motion, you can play music and alter the volume of the tune as per your own inclination. Another similarity is that Sony's earbuds also come with a one-touch button for controlling playback and taking calls.

The speaker can also be controlled without voice.

But the LF-S50G can also answer search queries, tell you the news or weather, play games, stream content to a smart TV or over Chromecast, integrate with smart-home devices to become your smart remote control, check your calendar, and more.

The Sony speaker will go on sale in mid-October, according to the company. In terms of hardware, it has a full range speaker driver for mid-range vocals and high trebles, while a separate subwoofer handles the low-end bass.

Sony has now joined the growing number of tech firms offering a smart speaker, which will be listed as the model number LF-S50G.

It will be available from November for £200.