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However, none have received quite the acclaim being chucked the way of The Disaster Artist with the James Franco-directed film receiving a standing ovation which lasted for the entirety of the post-screening Q&A with the film's cast - a festival first. It was also just screened at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) yesterday. You'll still be laughing throughout, but you'll be charmed by the film's sweetness and affability.

The official trailer for THE DISASTER ARTIST was released today.

Dave Franco stars alongside his brother as Greg Sestero, the co-star and line producer of The Room.

"He said, 'Yeah, James, I've seen your stuff". In the trailer, we get a look at Sestero and Wiseau's unique friendship and their shared quest for Hollywood glory that led them to make their own movie together. "Drama, you have comedy, you have sexuality, you have relationships, you have...all kinds of different detailed stuff". It's perhaps this push and pull that keeps bringing us back to The Room. "That's why your movie, I knew that - I said, 'You'll be doing a good job'".

Kristen Bell Sings'Frozen Songs for Irma Evacuees
Kristen Bell Sings'Frozen Songs for Irma Evacuees

Reviews for The Disaster Artist have been generally positive.

Franco in this interview expressed his surprise that Sonny was the one movie in his entire filmography that Wiseau latched on to.

The Disaster Artist tells the insane true story about Tommy Wiseau's quest to create The Room - a project he cared deeply about and thought would be a masterpiece, but wound up being, well, not so great.

A delightful tribute to the joy and madness of making movies, The Disaster Artist follows the outrageous adventures of eccentric filmmaker Tommy Wiseau and his best friend, actor Greg Sestero.