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The SNES Classic Edition follows up the massively successful release of the Nintendo NES Classic last fall. But more are on the way.

So even if you end up getting the SNES Classic from a scalper on eBay for $250, it's still a bargain compared with what you'd pay if you tracked down the original console and all these games individually. But customers shouldn't worry. It doesn't seem likely here, but here's the link to the landing page just in case they happen to get more.

With that in mind, here's everything we know about the machine and the confirmed games that come pre-installed. However, Nintendo has included Star Fox 2 - the sequel to Star Fox (Starwing in Europe) which was never released anywhere in the world.

Video game nerds, people who are stuck in 1992, and a whole lot of other people have been lining up since Thursday to get the newest video game console.

There's a reason why the first mini-console flew off shelves previous year - or went for three times the asking price from the third-party sellers on sites like Amazon. The Super NES Classic comes with two controllers, instead of one. Both of them are a little more expensive than the NES Mini past year.

The SNES Classic launch wasn't a disaster — Surprise

Although the SNES Classic Mini was a no show at E3 2017, we now have the official word from Nintendo about the mini console.

The SNES Classic Mini launches on Friday after months after fans rushing to get pre-orders. Toys "R" Us will also only be selling the Super NES Classic Edition consoles in stores - not online - at this time.

If you already have NES Classic or Wii U extension cables those should work just fine without the need to buy new ones. Each store did, however, pass out tickets at open, so if you weren't there at 8am it's pretty much up in the air if you can walk in and find one.

The user also reported what you will need to buy one: "It's one per person".