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District officials said they've surveyed 245 schools as of early Saturday, with plans to reach the roughly 35 remaining campuses. For example, Bryant Elementary in Riverside Unified School District adopted the Core Knowledge curriculum to attract and retain more students. According to the results of an annual survey by the K-12 education journal Education Next, only 39 percent of adults surveyed indicated support for charter schools, down from 51 percent a year ago.

About 900,000 students attend 300 campuses in the 17 districts in the greater Houston area.

In just one day, Conestoga Valley School District was able to raise $8,000 for Houston, Texas. It was first delayed until after Labor Day, set for September 5.

With various school projects in the works and an operational strategic plan approved previous year, Bennett can't help but remain optimistic. The first day of school for HISD students will be Monday, Sept. 11, the school district announced Thursday.

The district will have 19 new portables when school opens next week, in addition to the 35 already in place, board chairman Ravi Parmar said in an interview.

Up to 12000 HISD students may be relocated due to Harvey damages

While some families have the financial means to move in order to seek out better schools, many others don't, and the system forces them to settle for their zoned school, whether it suits their needs or not.

Fresno Unified, on the other hand, wants to ensure that the district's many immigrant families who travel back to Latin America during the winter break can enjoy a three-week vacation, said district spokesman Miguel Arias, adding that district schools have been on this schedule for at least two decades. He said some parents and faculty have asked why elementary and middle students have to accommodate the interests of high schoolers.

In an August 29 newsletter to Louisiana school districts, state education superintendent John White stated "it is likely that a significant number" of students will be coming to Louisiana schools from out of state. "But we also need to be sure that our campuses are safe and that Houston's infrastructure and roads are ready to handle transporting our students safely to school".

After special education, high school science, high school math, middle school math and elementary teaching positions were the most hard to fill. One operator said they have seen higher rates of absenteeism when neighboring districts are off and they are in session.

"We'll still have districts next week that can't open and we know that", said Lauren Callahan, a Texas Education Agency spokeswoman. Schools in and around the district were used as shelters during the storm and district buses help transport those displaced by floodwater.