It might sound like the plot of an absolutely frightful Hollywood film, but North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has a very big soft spot for Dennis Rodman; the former National Basketball Association star knows it and he's willing to use it to help prevent a war. In fact, he told Good Morning Britain even when he is "hanging out" with Kim in Pyongyang, they hardly ever discuss politics.

"I don't love (Kim)".

Rodman, who has visited the dictator in North Korea several times, most recently offered an olive branch on behalf of Trump with a gift of the real estate mogul's book "The Art of the Deal". They do a lot of cool things together.

Rodman has paid several visits to Kim in the isolated state but the two rarely discuss politics, the retired National Basketball Association star told British TV show Good Morning Britain.

Rodman has made several visits to see his little buddy - the five-time National Basketball Association champ is 6-foot-7 and Kim Jong Un is a foot shorter - whom he's called "a friend for life".

Rodman said he's not an apologist for Kim Jong Un and professed: "I love Donald Trump".

"I basically hang out with him all the time".

Rodman said Kim has inherited a legacy passed down to him by his father and grandfather, and he has heard it said that the North Korean regime has become less oppressive as a result.

Rodman added that "there would be a great possibility things would happen" if Trump and Kim would sit down and have a mutual conversation. "We ride horses, we hang out, we go skiing". "It is time for him to come on TV and show strength against the repeated threats from North Korea". I've always said that.

"I don't think anyone in the administration should be under any illusions about this", Jonathan Pollack, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, explained at a recent conference on North Korea.

"The only American who has met with the North Korean man child is Dennis Rodman".