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One of the things Microsoft will urge developers to consider is how adding mouse and keyboard support will affect multiplayer pools.

During a livestream on Microsoft's own service Mixer Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg gave more insight on his expectations for the Xbox One X, on top of the team's "hungry" attitude and a newly-revealed partnership with TV manufacturer Samsung.

Speaking at Major Nelson's Xbox PAX panel over the weekend, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra fielded a question about when keyboard and mouse support is coming.

Greenberg said that if you want to get your hands on the Xbox One X at launch then you should pre-order one as the console is going to be sold out.

Game gifting is one of the highest requested features in Xbox history, and it's going to be available - at the very least in preview - very soon. It doesn't sound like this will be a requirement from a development standpoint, but a suggestion from the console manufacturer goes a long way to shaping development directions. He also acknowledged players' concerns about the unfair advantage those who use a mouse and keyboard will have over those using a controller. For example, maneuvering may be easier for those with the keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft says, however, that support won't be mandatory. Mr Ybarra reassured console players that there would be functionality, allowing them to choose whether to choose their opponents.

Microsoft is all set to release its latest version of console Xbox One X.

People are very anxious about the inputs of mouse and keyboard in gameplay for Xbox player primarily from competitive shooters.

For now though the Redmond based giants are busy balancing the keyboard and mouse setup by crossplaying Gears Of War 4.

There are now more than 100 titles enhanced for the Xbox One X, with many more to come.