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Return flight 302 left San Juan 24 minutes earlier than scheduled and raced its way back to JFK, after 40 minutes of being on a Puerto Rican land.

Jason Rabinowitz, a self-described aviation geek tweeted the flight's trajectory in real time, uploading images of the plane climbing out of San Juan between the outer band of Irma and the core of the storm. Hurricane Harvey led officials in Texas to issue 170 boil water notices across the state, only three-fourths of which had been rescinded as of September 5, according to data from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

While Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc in the Caribbean, one courageous (crazy?) Delta pilot flew right through Irma's outer band so he could pick passengers up in San Juan, Puerto Rico and get them out before the brunt of the storm hit. Anne Obrion said she knew it was possible Irma could hit San Juan, Puerto Rico, when she left Richmond Saturday, but since she has been through hurricanes in past, she made a decision to carry on with her plans. "Everyone else has turned around", Rabinowitz said on Twitter.

The Delta plane was in the air for three hours and 49 minutes, before making it to San Juan at 12:01 p.m.

Were you on Delta flight 431 to San Juan, Puerto Rico from NY on Wednesday?

Pomales waited out the night, more than 1,000 miles away from her 87-year-old mother, with no information about how she was doing. From landing in the midst of the fierce "Irma" to flying out just in time everything was nail-biting. How was the approach to San Juan?

"Our meteorology team is the best in the business", Erik Snell, vice president for Delta operations and customer center, told the Washington Post. He says meteorologists for the Atlanta-based airline worked with the flight crew and agreed that it was safe to fly.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled due to the storm, but the crew for Delta flight 431 decided they were up for the challenge.