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Melissa Hatheier, a Sydney real estate agent, encountered the child-sized Port Jackson shark swimming in an ocean pool.

Melissa Hatheier has added "in-house shark wrangler" to her job description after she was filmed wrestling a predator out of the Oak Park Rock Pool at Cronulla on Monday.

The video shows Ms Hatheier swimming in the pool when she notices the shark swimming beneath her.

The video posted on Cronulla Real Estate's Facebook page garnered over 100,000 views and 900 shares at the time of publishing this article.

A woman's fearless antics went viral after footage showed her picking up a shark, wrestling with and before and throwing it back into the sea.

Hatheier has become an internet sensation after the fearless act.

"I rounded up the kids and we headed to the pool". He was only about a meter long.

"He was pretty distressed and bumping into things, so I just followed him around for a bit".

"I picked him up and thought 'he's not even that heavy. I then grabbed him around the neck so he couldn't swing around and bite me".

"My mum swims there every morning with friends and they rang me saying there was a shark, so I ran down there", she told the outlet. She joked while speaking on the show that "As a real estate agent I'm used to relocating people and this was similar".

By holding the bronze whaler upside down, Ms Hatheier put the shark into a state of paralysis called "tonic immobility", meaning she could safely move it without putting herself in danger.