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Capcom have announced that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will launch on PC in January 2018, costing $40 United States dollars.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Mode is set to release for the PlayStation 4 on January 16. While all of the new features will be added to the original Street Fighter 5 for free, the Arcade Edition will also come with codes to unlock all Season 1 and 2 DLC characters. As for the stand-alone version, it will include all DLC characters from the first two seasons and it will carry a $39.99 price tag.

Street Fighter V - will this be a new beginning for the game?

Street Fighter V will kick off 2018 with a major update. While that listing didn't bring any new information about what's actually in the Arcade Version, today's Amazon page thankfully has.

"With extra challenges being added and more unannounced content on the way, Street Fighter V will continue to deliver new and refreshed content on a regular basis throughout 2018 and beyond", Capcom said. We have much more to share on each of these modes and more content to reveal in the future! Additionally, every character in the game will be augmented with a second V-Trigger, which is a huge change.

The Amazon page does not list a release date, but this is looking more and more likely at this point.

The highlighted features confirm the arrival of the long-awaited arcade mode, which will feature six different paths themed after classic installments in the franchise.

CAPCOM Street Fighter V Arcade Edition: Should fans be angry with Capcom's new release?

So should you be angry at Capcom for seemingly going back on its promise and releasing an Arcade Edition version of the game? If we indeed see one costume each month, that means we might be looking at 12 all-new costumes to use in-game.