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We know little more about the release dates for either DLC expansions right now, but we'll make sure to keep this guide updated with any and all future information. Thankfully, it's pretty soon.

Per the trailer, Curse of Osiris will focus on a Vex invasion of Mercury, with players encountering the eponymous Osiris.

Destiny 2 is an improvement over its predecessor in almost every way.

Presumably, that's all coming from Osiris' fascination with The Darkness, with him and the Vex working together to unleash something upon the world. It'll be here before the year is out, and it will be the first expansion offered as part of Destiny 2's season pass. On top of that, it gave us our first look at the first expansion for Destiny 2. The name first surfaced in the "Trials of Osiris" competitive multiplayer mode in the original Destiny game.

The trailer was narrated by Ikora, who speaks to the player's Guardian in secret to reveal that an "ancient gate" has opened on Mercury.

The Expansions are available for purchase on the Destiny The Game Website. It's nice to see the expansion will be releasing on all three platforms at the same time, and hopefully that trend will continue. Bungie plans to and is determined, to maintain the elaborate storytelling that Destiny 2 brought to the table.