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Fair to say that the emote was quickly pulled from the in-game store, and players won't be able to get up to some Python-esque high jinks.

The blog also revealed that, starting on October 31, there will be optional Raid Challenges implemented on each of the Raid's encounters.

While the cancellation of the Trials of the Nine event is unfortunate, Destiny 2 fans can at least tackle the Prestige Raid.

To access the Trials of the Nine, players must have completed the Destiny 2 campaign and completed the Call to Arms milestone.

First up is the Leviathan raid, which requires six players.

Details of what Raid Challenges will actually entail have not yet been made clear, and it seems like part of the difficulty will be working out each week's task. As a reminder, there's a four-hour-long maintenance session scheduled for today, probably to do some tweaking to get the servers ready for the PC version's arrival next week.

As for the Prestige mode for Leviathan Raid and Raid Guided Games, they will be available in the third week following the PC release. Complete the challenge and you'll receive a new emblem, as well as a guaranteed raid drop for that encounter. The developer recently updated what it's going to release for the first few weeks, starting with the first day of content, with more following. They will let them know with an in-game message when they fail with information on what is at stake each week.

Could you go into why Destiny 2 is coming to Battle.net, a historically Blizzard-only platform?