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As The Independent points out, it's unclear which market Dove was trying to target with this, but makeup artist Naythemua, who first posted the images on Facebook, said the campaign was "tone-deaf".

This came after consumers reacted angrily to images of a black woman removing a brown shirt amid images of Dove body wash, above images of a white woman also removing a similar shirt.

Dove has apologized for "missing the mark", but how did this happen, the internet wonders, that at least an art director, a marketing director, a photographer, and a social media manager passed this around and thought, "okay"?

In a statement, the company apologised for the ad, which has been accused of being racist, saying it "missed the mark". "We deeply regret the offense it caused", read their statement, posted to Twitter.

The Dove debacle comes months after German skincare company Nivea came under fire for its "White is Purity" deodorant ad. A third image shows the white woman removing her shirt to show a woman of Asian descent. "We deeply regret the offense it caused".

"Dove is committed to representing the beauty of diversity".

"This is gross. You think people of color can just wash away their melanin and become white?"Another Facebook user, Angela Reinders, commented. Will not be buying your products anymore", one woman wrote".

The advert appeared to show a black woman turning white after using their soap.

The brand has long prided itself on being inclusive, and frequently runs ads featuring women of all different backgrounds and body types as part of the "Real Beauty" campaign.

And many had issues with the lackluster apology Dove offered to its customers and followers.