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This was thanks to a launch in big markets like India and Brazil.

Facebook first launched Messenger Lite in five bandits with low bandwidth strength back in 2016. There is a stickler; Messenger Lite is available on Android only, with no plans by Facebook to offer it on iOS. But now its expansion into Facebook's top developed world markets makes it a tool for penny-pinching users like teenagers who want to avoid burning away their pricey megabytes but still stay in touch.

Facebook messenger Android App was mainly available in nearly 100 developing markets. Messenger Lite eliminates some of the newer and more processor-heavy features in the traditional Facebook Messenger app. More specifically, Android phone owners can download the app.

Although Messenger Lite was initially created to get people onboard Facebook's platform with entry-level handsets, it has managed to gain traction amongst users looking to get better control of data consumption.

In terms of functioning, the Messenger Lite performs similar functions to the regular Messenger app and packs most of the critical features of the app, but skips things like Messenger Day and selfie lenses that can drain data. And where there are friends who can't use an app, people end up switching to one they can. Teens with limited data usage may find it appealing, as could older folks on a budget. That is not to say that adults won't use it. People in developed countries also have to deal with expensive data.

Messenger Lite is marketed as a lightweight alternative application to those seeking to save storage space, processing power or mobile data.

Facebook Lite is an Android exclusive right now, and you can grab it over on Google Play.