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Retailer GameStop has sort of just become a Blockbuster for games. GameStop has chose to offer its PowerUp customers a rental program.

The program is available only to PowerUp Rewards members (so that the game they've got can be tracked), and you can only choose from games on the shelf in a physical store, not from the company's online catalogue.

GameStop will soon be starting a new service under an exciting rental scheme.

Effectively it works out as $10 a month to rent one game at a time, with the ability to keep one that might cost more than $50 to buy at the end of it all.

Once the six month term has ended, subscribers keep the last game they borrowed, meaning they can simply choose a near-new release and make significant savings.

In order to keep track of what has been rented, the service is only available to GameStop's Power-Up Rewards members, though it's open to those on both the free and paid-for tiers. The basic, free membership should be adequate for taking advantage of Power Pass, but you can get extra benefits for either $14.99 or $29.99 per year.

Pay GameStop $60 and you can take home a copy of any used game the store sells for six months. It boosts trade-in values for recent games days after they launch, so the latest titles are usually in-stock. The official date for the service's start (or even the existence of the service) hasn't been officially confirmed by GameStop, but the magazine ad shows that signups for the service will begin on November 19, and that the Power Pass must be activated by January 31, 2018. One game can be checked out at a time. That price eventually falls, but most gamers have already moved on to something new by then.