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"This is just a taste of what's to come over the next months and years", she said. The vehicle, which competes against the new Tesla Model 3, was named North American Car of the Year by a jury of 60 USA and Canadian journalists in January of this year. But GM plans to have introduced 20 new electric models between now and 2023.

The declaration takes after comparative designs uncovered by real automakers around the globe. The 109-year-old company made the announcement in Detroit.

On Monday, Tesla blamed "production bottlenecks" for the slow rollout, but said it's confident it can fix those issues. But it also said that "getting to a zero emissions future will require more than just battery-electric technology".

In the event that the purchaser doesn't need it, at any rate not to date, who does? The UK, France, Germany and China are considering similar moves. All are checking on plans as far as possible or boycott normal gas and diesel motors in the vicinity of 2030 and 2040.

General Motors is going all electric.

The news comes as the company begins selling its all-electric Chevy Bolt throughout the country. One high-set Chinese authority said the nation may boycott customary motors through and through eventually.

The push to electrify has been a long time in coming.

Meanwhile, electric carmaker Tesla said Monday that it delivered a record number of vehicles in the third quarter - but fewer of its new Model 3 sedans than anticipated. The plan builds upon the company's vision of having zero emission, zero crashes and zero traffic congestion, a plan outlined by GM CEO Mary Barra. The new autos, she stated, are a piece of a general intend to advance toward a vehicle world that incorporates "zero emanations, zero blockage and zero accidents".

While those products are expected to use batteries to provide power, GM is also development SURUS, short for Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure, which it calls a "fuel-cell-powered, four-wheel steer concept vehicle on a heavy-duty truck frame that's driven by two electric motors".

Global regulations. As laws and regulations around the world put pressure on automakers to reduce fuel emissions, Auto companies are being forced to embrace electric vehicles.

As GM commits to electric innovation, the company will compete with an increasingly crowded marketplace. Most electric vehicles sold today are small cars. GM pulled away the tarps on three of them, clay models of low-slung Buick and Cadillac SUVs and a futuristic version of the Bolt that looked like half of an airport control tower glued to the top of a auto body. Some of the electric vehicles GM will offer in China are among the 20 Reuss promised by 2023.

But this is the first official confirmation that GM plans to follow up its well-regarded Chevrolet Bolt EV with more - and more advanced - pure-electric offerings, starting soon.