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Digital media strategist Nic Newman said Google and Facebook were under pressure to help publishers, who provide content but do not get adequately rewarded by search engines or social media.

Here's how Google's "First Click Free" policy used to work: Since 2009, users were able to read a set number of articles (as of 2015, it was three) per day behind a publisher's paywall if they visited the article through a Google search.

Because there is a very large number of online magazines that can not support themselves because they fail to obtain enough profit from advertising, Google has chose to end its famous "First click free" program. The company announced that it would like to give more support to journalistic texts with Paywall in ir search engines.

After ten years of insisting that such publishers implement a so-called "First Click Free " policy, Google on Monday said they could now decide how many free articles, if any, they want to offer readers before charging for it.

He said the number of news outlets with paywalls had reached a critical mass in the previous year, to the point that it made sense for Google to start developing tools for them.

Google will no longer require news publishers with a paid subscription model to provide at least some free access to their content in order to ensure they get discovered in Google News and Google Search. It had been widely decried by publishers, as not signing up for the scheme meant that articles published would not list as highly in Google search results.

"That resistance is understandable on one level, but it also demonstrates the industry's short memory", he told the E-Commerce Times.

The business is now investigating ways in which it can help make the news subscription process much simpler for users.

"We're also exploring how Google's machine learning capabilities can help publishers recognize potential subscribers and present the right offer to the right audience at the right time".

Other competitors such as Facebook, are also working on these subscriber registration tools. "That's not great for users or for news publishers who see subscriptions as an increasingly important source of revenue".

The relationship between Google and publishers is complex. Google and Facebook combined will account for 60 percent of the United States digital advertising market this year, according to the research firm eMarketer. It will reportedly not demote any news agency in results if they have little or no free content. "He's very closely involved in a number of the publisher discussions", Schindler said.