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If you are eager to know what's new on the second generation of Amazon Echo smart speaker, then here's the details.

Amazon's recently released Echo Plus and Echo Spot will also benefit other supply chain makers, including Foxconn Electronics (ODM), Merry Electronics (acoustic components), Ability Opto-Electronics Technology (optical lenses) and Chicony Electronics (power supply). The Echo Show differs from other devices in that it includes a screen to display images and a camera for video-calling purposes. Echo Spot delivers everything you love about Alexa with a smaller design and the added convenience of a circular screen so that Alexa can show you things. And both sources say the device will integrate YouTube functionality, Google Assistant, Google Photos, and of course video calling.

No information was given on how much the Google Manhattan device will cost, but Amazon's Echo Show now sells for $229.99.

The device is reportedly internally known at Google as "Manhattan" and will feature a 7-inch screen that measures in at roughly the same size as the Echo Show. The Echo Plus is compatible with ZigBee products from leading manufacturers such as Philips, Hue, GE, Kwikset, and more. From there, the user can control these connected devices just by talking to Amazon's device.

The event also included a new Fire TV with 4K HDR video support with 2160 pixels resolution at 60fps. This is quite a powerful box which lets you place your phone calls to landlines or stores your contacts numbers to Amazon Echo. The device will only be available in December, with pre-orders already being accepted for a price of $130. A category launched by Amazon, whose Echo Show put "intense internal pressure" on bringing the Google product forward to 2017. If Google releases its own Echo Show competitor, the company would finally be able to deliver a YouTube experience that it wants. Those alliances with automakers still might not be enough keep Amazon and Alexa competitive with Google and Apple outside the home, given the software made by those two power most of the smartphones in the world. To be priced at $130, so far the Spot only has U.S. release in the pipeline (December 2017).