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And she called on others in the entertainment world to turn their backs on the 65-year-old Weinstein and his companies until he is fired or quits. "While I would not represent Mr. Weinstein, I would consider representing anyone who accused Mr. Weinstein of sexual harassment, even if it meant that my daughter was the opposing counsel", she said.

Once they left, Sivan says Weinstein leaned in and tried to kiss her. Sivan rejected that attempt and told him she had a long-term boyfriend.

That was the last contact the two had.

Though she spoke privately of the encounter, Sivan said that she did not speak of the incident publicly out of concern for her long-time relationship and fear of backlash.

In a heated online post, Kid Rock condemns Harvey Weinstein while praising the courage of women who have come forward against the film producer.

Democratic lawmakers have rushed to distance themselves from the veteran Hollywood producer after a bombshell Times report this week revealed allegations that the Democratic mega-donor had spent decades sexually harassing women he worked with.

After the incident, Sivan claimed that Weinstein called her office the next day to tell her he "had a great time last night". He suddenly exposed himself and began masturbating in front of her, and continued doing so until he ejaculated into a potted plant in the hall, she added. Sivan said she was deeply shocked by Weinstein's behavior and was frozen and didn't know what to do or say. Sivan says Weinstein ejaculated quickly into a potted plant that was in the vestibule and then proceeded to zip up his trousers and they walked back into the kitchen. A list of detailed questions was emailed to a Weinstein Company publicist.

"As Harvey has said, it is important for him to get professional help for the problems he has acknowledged".

The Weinstein Company board of directors issued a statement late Friday, saying the board members "strongly endorse" Weinstein's leave of absence and take "extremely seriously the accusations" raised in the Times story.

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein's sexual proclivities apparently extended well beyond his former and current employees and the industry itself, according to fresh revelations made by a report.

Following the Times' report Thursday, Weinstein's attorney, Lisa Bloom, said in a statement that "he denies numerous accusations as patently false". Her clients Mischa Barton, Janice Dickinson and Black Chyna were victims of sexual harassment.