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The link, with the headline, "We Take Trust Seriously", directs you to Facebook's Community Page on what it's doing to protect people from election interference. "We are therefore investigating and if inappropriate activity is found, we will take steps to minimize such misuse in the future".

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer, told lawmakers behind closed doors that the company is working hard to ensure Americans "understand what the propaganda is that they may or may not be reading", said House Republican Rep. Mike Conaway, who is leading the House intelligence committee probe. This will be a long talked about topic, and as the investigation unfolds, there will no doubt be more to come.

A study published on Monday by researchers with the Oxford Internet Institute, which is affiliated with the British university, found that current USA military personnel and veterans were targeted by disinformation campaigns on Twitter and Facebook over the past year by a nexus of pro-Kremlin, Russian-oriented sites, along with conspiracy theorists and European right-wing ideologues. However, Twitter's analysis did not conclude whether RT's ad buys were related to attempts to influence the USA election. The source revealed that Google uncovered less than $100,000 in ad spending potentially linked to Russian operatives. On the scale of things it is not that much but added to the Facebook, Twitter and possible Bing money and other advertising it is clear that Putin was rather keen on gaming the U.S. election.

Several independent researchers also have found that the Russian disinformation flowed across platforms and onto the wider Web, taking advantage of technology that allows advertisers to identify potential voters and follow and re-target ads to them based on their political inclinations. Google has not found evidence that the accounts linked to Russian Federation used its political targeting tools, the people familiar with its investigation said.

Motherboard points out that Facebook also purchased full-page ads in the New York Times and Washington Post to win back its users.

Ads purchased by the Russian actors included messages suggesting that Black Lives Matter is a political threat and encouraged viewers to attend an anti-Muslim and anti-immigration rally in Idaho. This, according to the report, was done to meddle in the last presidential election in the US. In addition, it said the Kremlin-linked RT news site bought a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of ads on Twitter. Google and Twitter reportedly did not collaborate on the effort, which is supposedly still in its early stages.

Mr. Conaway said the ads would be released "probably not before November 1".

Facebook ad regulations will get tougher.