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While President Donald Trump is expected to announce this week that he will not certify Iran as in compliance with the landmark nuclear deal, it remains unclear if he will follow through with congressionally approved plans to extend a terror designation to the IRGC, a move that has prompted Iran to threaten greater attacks on US forces in the Middle East.

His announcement would stop short of pulling out of the agreement, but give the US Congress 60 days to decide whether to reimpose sanctions.

US President Donald Trump is expected to make a speech this week on Iran.

Iran is warning the United States against designating its Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization, saying it would put the United States on the side of the Islamic State group.

The Iranian foreign minister warned that in case of such a move, the United States would become more isolated and despicable among the Iranian people.

The government told Iranians on Tuesday it would not let the decisions of the "mentally unstable" Trump affect the market. "The Americans have driven the world insane by their behavior".

Iranian authorities, who have said Tehran would not be the first to violate the accord, are publicly debating how they will respond if the Trump administration designates the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization.

"We have a similar stance but different ways of saying it", the papers quoted Jafari as saying.

The U.S.is angry over the JCPOA because at a "sensitive time that they wanted to say that Iran is a liar and secretly wants to build nuclear arms, Iran, by attending (nuclear) negotiations, proved that they (Americans) are liars", Rouhani stated.

Trump has long criticized the Iranian nuclear pact. For one thing, a terrorist designation for the Guard would likely bring with it sanctions across the whole organisation; Iran's most powerful force with its own ground, naval, and air divisions. While figures in the military seem willing to greet Trump's addition of their IRGC brethren to the terrorist list as a declaration of war, the reformists are counseling patience and the need to exploit contradictions among Western allies.

"If American officials make such a strategic mistake, the Islamic Republic of Iran will take a reciprocal measure", Zarif said on Monday, adding, "Some measures have been thought out in this regard and will be taken at the appropriate time".