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Preemptive disaster relief strategies such as resource pre-positioning proved to be insufficient as the catastrophic event destroyed much of Puerto Rico's infrastructure.

24 state and local police officers from MA headed to Puerto Rico on Saturday to help with Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker said Wednesday the state was sending 69 officers in response to a request for help from Puerto Rico's leaders.

The goal is to ship the goods down to Puerto Rico in the next few weeks.

With Puerto Rico being left with a humanitarian crisis after sitting through Category 5 Hurricane Maria's path for over thirty hours, hosting this week's Global Café meant more for the PRSA than sharing a taste of the vibrant island.

"They are the ones [helping] down there, so they know what is needed".

Governor Christie said. "Their experience should prove invaluable to Puerto Rico and we wish them well on their mission".

Puerto Rico officials continue to work closely with the Defense Department, the and the Federal Emergency Management Agency and with state-to-state partners through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, he noted. "We need to do something about it", she said. The officers will assist local police by helping to enforce a curfew and perform other security measures.

Santos and her daughters were volunteering their time Saturday to help the cause. For more information, visit the Volunteer Ministers website. Recovery may be a long and hard process, but with a united mentality, Curbelo affirms that we can "restore Puerto Rico to the handsome island it is".