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Microsoft is bringing its most successful franchise Halo to VR and mixed reality with an "experience" that launches later this month for the low, low price of free.

But the $3,000 device, much costlier than mainstream VR headsets that sell for less than $1,000, has been limited to niche applications.

According to Alanna Cotton, VP and General Manager of Samsung Electronics America, the headset will have dual AMOLED displays, built-in spatial AKG headphones, inside-out tracking, a built-in microphone, and motion controllers with a 110-degree field of view.

The headsets, made by Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung, will ship by the holidays.

Microsoft is acquiring virtual-reality social networking startup AltspaceVR for an undisclosed amount. The built-in headphones are also unique to Samsung's headset.

That's unlike Samsung's less expensive Gear VR headset, which is created to run on smartphones powered by Google's Android operating system.

Microsoft also announced that it has acquired AltspaceVR, a pioneer in immersive communications best known for organizing social VR events such as concerts, meetups, and comedy shows.

While it is unknown if this will lead to more Halo mixed reality experiences, fans can look forward to Halo Recruit very soon Unfortunately, it won't be a full game or even minigame, so don't get your hopes completely up.

The company also has its own hardware, but that hasn't been on display recently.

This should mean that Samsung's headset is going to offer better contrast compared to numerous other Windows Mixed Reality headsets that generally feature LCD panels.

Microsoft is on a mission to push through the next era of computing, what it calls 'Mixed Reality, ' and it just brought on a big-name partner to help usher it in: Samsung. This is cheaper than the HTC VIVE and on par price-wise with the Oculus Rift now that the summer sale is over.

PCMag is at the event in San Francisco today, so stay tuned for more details as we go hands on with the Samsung HMD Odyssey and see what it can do.

The Acer headset comes with motion controllers and is priced at $399 Dollars.