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Microsoft is the latest company to exit the streaming music business: The software giant announce Monday that it was shuttering its Groove Music service at the end of this year.

On December 31, Microsoft will stop selling their Groove Music Pass and any customer subscribed to the service will be refunded their money.

By the middle of this month, Groove Music Pass holders using the Windows 10 or Xbox One app will receive an update and be able to export collections and playlists to Spotify.

If you want new music and streaming you will have to transition to a new service. For those that might already have subscriptions to the Groove Music Pass service that allows for continued streaming of music, there are plenty of circumstances outlined in the announcement where subscribers can get refunds on their subscriptions or continue with a Spotify subscription.

All users who hold a Groove Music Pass will have the capacity to relocate their records to Spotify in any event until January 31. The feature should then roll out to regular Windows 10 users shortly after.

Although Microsoft's music streaming and buying service won't live to see 2018, its ghost will linger as a music player. Groove Music first surfaced just a couple years ago and was born out of Xbox Music.

Microsoft has announced that it is winding down some of the functionality of its Groove Music service, pushing customers over to Spotify instead.

Microsoft has thrown in the towel and given up on making its own Groove streaming music and music store a competitor to Apple Music and Amazon Prime. Existing Groove Music subscribers are being encouraged to transfer their playlists and libraries to Spotify.

It was two years ago when Microsoft made a decision to rebrand Xbox Music to Groove Music in order to expand its music streaming service for consumers. Or their collections can be migrated to Spotify beginning sometime in mid-October.

Groove Music users on iOS and Android will similarly be disabled from streaming or downloading music beginning December 31, but they'll still be allowed to access music files from OneDrive.