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One said: "I'm making a public plea to Melania Trump: stop with the sunglasses (and the heels at disaster areas)".

She also denied that Trump was simply being mischievous in an effort to mislead reporters.

The US President made the remark during a photo opportunity with military leaders and their spouses before a dinner at the White House.

War of words between USA president and Kim Jong-un further escalates as Trump hints at military intervention.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump had an incredible team around him and has achieved tremendous accomplishments on the global stage by working with allies and confronting enemies.

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta calls President Donald Trump's comment referencing a mysterious "calm before the storm" on Thursday a "play for attention".

"You guys know what this represents?" he asked.

"I still have a feeling she looks at this and says, 'Am I really in this position?'" said Myra Gutin, a professor at Rider University who writes about first ladies.

Schumer said through a spokesman Saturday that Trump "wanted to make another run at repeal and replace and I told the president that's off the table". Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., and Patty Murray, D-Wash., who have been discussing a limited bipartisan deal to stabilize state-level markets for individual health insurance policies.

Some of the theories floating out there: Maybe Trump was referring to the global deal with Iran, as he is expected to announce next week that he will "decertify" the agreement and kick it to Congress to handle.

Sanders hit back: "She chose to wait until the president left and then criticize him on TV, which I think is the wrong thing for her to do for her constituents". Trump certainly can't be very happy about this, as he has already displayed fears of a coup from within the White House in the past.

The first lady drew flak when she wore stilettos as she boarded her flight to Puerto Rico.

Many thought the imitation was an insensitive jab at Puerto Rico and Hispanic culture, with some calling his pronunciation a sign of "prejudice", as well as "insensitive" and "mocking".