It is said to be more optimised for lower-spec PCs. This time it is a premium product that has been unveiled by Samsung.

Microsoft is counting on virtual reality headsets made by other companies to help establish personal computers running on its Windows 10 operating system as the best way to explore artificial worlds.

Microsoft also said developers will be provided access to the Windows Mixed Reality SteamVR preview so they can try out their experiences.

Wolfkill, representing 343 Industries, has also stated that there will be more "Halo" mixed reality projects in the near future.

The HMD Odyssey aims to rival Oculus Rift, since it comes with the same price and with two controllers that are not sold separately. The point is, it was a chance for us to start to play with Microsoft's unbelievable new technology and for you to get to stand toe-to-toe with an Elite (yes, I may have whimpered a little my first time in). For now you can pre-order the product only if you live in the United States and you can get it from Microsoft Store or Samsung. The VR Headset will be available in China, US, Korea, Brazil and Hong Kong before the end of 2017. Another similarity is that both headsets come built-in headphones.

Alanna Cotton, General Manager and the America VP for Samsung Electronics wrote in a statement that the Samsung HMD Odyssey was built to offer an "incredible world of virtual reality" through a performing headset. In fact, that's all they deliver; although the headsets do include integrated cameras, those cameras are black and white and are used exclusively for positional tracking. They have a wider field of view at up to 110 degrees and a higher resolution at 1,440 x 1,600 per eye than any other Windows VR headset on the market.

The headset does not come with the flip-up visors that are available on other devices, but its design brings extra padding on the cheek fittings.