The mini game Ghouls 'n Homunculi will be included within Resident Evil Revelations 2. Resident Evil Revelations retail version will have a game card for Ghouls 'n Homunculi while Resident Evil Revelations 2 retail version will have a download code for Ghost Ship Panic.

The game is titled Ghost Ship Panic.

Ghouls 'n Homunculi is an 8-bit throwback to Ghouls 'n Ghosts, where you play as Barry Burton on a deadly island. In the new "Not a Hero" downloadable content pack players will play as Chris Redfield, the main protagonist of the original Resident Evil and Resident Evil 5. Accessed in the initial loading screen, this is a shooter in which you can only control the crosshairs to eliminate the enemies and gain BP to use it in Raid Mode. Go for the high score and earn rewards that can be used in Raid Mode. The games are available separately for download. The results are mixed, to say the least, but both entries come with their own special retro-style mini-games, the second of which is a fun homage to Ghosts 'n Goblins.

Capcom has released a new gameplay video for the upcoming free Resident Evil 7 downloadable content pack "Not a Hero".

The Resident Evil 7 "Not a Hero" downloadable content pack launches on December 12th, 2017, as a free content pack for all existing game owners.