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On one hand, Sacconaghi is quite confident on the electric vehicle market opportunity in the bigger picture, believing Tesla has an upper hand to battle in an arena that could comprise 60% of the market within 33 years. And because they're based on an image already teased by Elon Musk himself, there's a very good chance the finished Tesla lorry will look just as good. Beach erosions and other noticeable changes are a part of life here. The goal of share performance is to compare managers to the interests of shareholders.

The island has been trying to restore electricity to its inhabitants following the devastation brought by Hurricane Maria two weeks ago. And while they successfully send Whatsapp messages and make video calls, a tremendous amount of unfulfilled potential has fallen through the presumptuous gap that lies between their ambition and our understanding of their technological needs. "Semi specs are better than anything I've seen declared so far". "That's horse and carriage stuff", a veteran manufacturing consultant was quoted saying. A later tweet clarified that the production line itself was slowed down, the video was not edited to show the line in slow motion.

Musk's outlook and optimism related to energy work is nothing new. It doesn't know exactly how to build the Model 3.

The Model 3 delays could push that moment back, they say, giving traditional auto makers like General Motors Inc.

This article was produced on behalf of Lenovo by the Scroll.in marketing team and not by the Scroll.in editorial staff. GM by comparison made over 10m vehicles, or 27,000 a day, and generated cash flow of over $20bn.

The Governor of the island, Ricardo Rosello wrote in response: "Let's discuss". Making Puerto Rico a green energy haven is thus a matter of political will, not financial capacity.

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) may have amassed 74% in value throughout 2017, but being late on both Model 3 deliveries as well as a sluggish electric semi-truck time table have cost the electric car giant nearly 9% in the matter of a month's time.

Otto has become a part of Uber's Advanced Technologies Group, but the company hasn't showcased it self-driving trucks lately and has started a new division called Uber Freight, which is focused on using Uber's ride-hailing tech to match truckers with loads.