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His daughter lashed out at music magazine Rolling Stone, one of a number of media outlets that ran obituaries of Petty based on other news organizations' reports.

Watch more from Petty's Israel trip here. Naturally, Petty's anthem gives him the ideal outlet to celebrate his much-needed victory. He also acted, often as himself, which is the case with this funky cameo in The Postman - a movie I feel a lot more people would have watched if they only knew Tom Petty would be in it.

Tom Petty was never one to tiptoe around toking. Mudcrutch was another band during this period of the 70's. Of course, Petty was also solidly within the classic-rock tradition, and had somewhat stealthily assimilated all that Byrds and Dylan stuff. "I remember thinking that that sounded like the ocean to me", he said. What it ultimately did was highlight the front man with the wavy, wispy hair and a nasally voice paired with a catchy guitar.

It may seem a little unusual to end on a cover, but the audience didn't care. They drove until they'd listened to every song on every one of them.

This was corrected when it emerged that the rocker was still on life support, though his family had already signed a "do not resuscitate" order on the musician. Easy listening rock was over-played and harder rock wasn't widely acceptable. In a clip available on YouTube, Petty meets with Avraham Rosenblum, leader of a Hasidic band called the Diaspora Yeshiva Band that blended rock and bluegrass with religious lyrics. YouTube user Kim Roberts caught footage of the band's encore, the hit songs "You Wreck Me" and "American Girl". They had several hits, including "Handle With Care" and "End of the Line".

Let's look at eight times Petty and Co. blew our minds with their innovative music videos ...

According to The Washington Post, he would stop using the drug by the 2000's and continue to make music with the Heartbreakers.

Unlike most of his contemporaries, Petty didn't talk about who he was or where he came from but rather gave evergreen songs that stood by you all your life.

In 2014, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers released its 13th studio album, "Hypnotic Eye".

Some people expressed their shock over his death because Petty had just performed at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles last week.

"No words. Just thanks", wrote filmmaker Cameron Crowe, who once directed a video for Petty and used his music in films.

Jim London, 38, is a guitarist who plays at various dive bars throughout the Oklahoma City area.

When Petty And The Heartbreakers were first breaking out, they were lumped in with New Wave.

"Between the Vegas shooting and now @TomPetty sad news I'm in a state of shock", Charles tweeted.

I became a Tom Petty fan in the late-1970s, as soon as I heard the tense and explosive single "Breakdown". And as his songs began to influence younger artists, he passed those values on in ways that continue to shape rock music. You brought us so much joy.

"There were times when we definitely were not getting along, when we fought like f***ing Apaches, you know".

"This is unbearable", Sheryl Crow wrote on Twitter.

I have been a fan of Petty for as long as I have been a fan of music - ever since forever falling in love with rock "n" roll as a 12-year-old in 1978.