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A passenger bus has collided with a train in a traffic accident in Vladimir Region, east of Russia's capital Moscow, on Friday (10/06/2017), killing at least 19 people.

The Department of Inter-Territorial Investigations of Moscow Transportation Affairs at the Russian Investigation Committee has initiated a criminal investigation into the accident to see if there is a breach of road safety peratura. "According to latest information, 19 people have been killed", said Russian press agency TASS director of health services in Vladimir region.

The regional interior ministry said all of the victims were on board the bus at the time of the collision.

She declared: "People inside the bus were sleeping, there were 50 of them".

A central hospital that is caring for those hurt in the collision has told Sputnik five people have been admitted, four in critical condition.

Early reports indicate that the bus driver was crossing the train tracks despite the presence of red lights.

The bus was driving with Kazakhstan number plates and carrying Uzbek citizens - the vehicle had reportedly come from the country that sits on Russia's southern border.