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It's so over-the-top that I could nearly imagine the video getting picked up by John Oliver, but now it appears that Blackburn, who identifies herself as a "hardcore, card-carrying Tennessee conservative", will be getting plenty of free press for an entirely different reason.

Blackburn alleges in a Monday fundraising email that she is being censored by Twitter.

It is still posted, but Blackburn's campaign is not allowed to pay to advertise it.

Blackburn, a self-described "hardcore conservative", is running to replace Sen.

"I'm 100 percent pro-life".

"Blackburn tweeted that "@Twitter shut down our video ad, claiming it's 'inflammatory & 'negative.'" The video is blanketing Twitter and social media now, but Twitter has exclusively blocked the ability to pay to promote the advertising campaign.

In the video, Rep. Blackburn (R-Tenn.) brags about her concealed carry permit, claims to be in favor of Trump's "immigration ban", despite the fact that the president never proposed any such thing (it was more a "Muslim ban"), and criticizes sitting Republican senators for acting "like Democrats or worse".

Blackburn's claim comes months after pro-life organization Live Action also reported that Twitter refused to let the group promote its adds unless it deleted tweets critical of Planned Parenthood.

Which gets to the crux of the matter: Twitter and other social media platforms have made plenty of rules about what it is and isn't acceptable on their sites.

Blackburn's "baby parts" comment is a reference to videos that allegedly show abortion providers talking about selling fetal tissue from aborted fetuses for scientific research purposes.

Blackburn chaired the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, which recommended that Planned Parenthood be stripped of federal funding after finding evidence the mammoth company may have violated federal laws on the sale of fetal tissue. She also called out "Silicon Valley elites" in the message.

According to the Associated Press, Twitter told vendors for the campaign that the statement was "inflammatory", and stopped the ad from being promoted on the service.

Watch Blackburn's inflammatory video below. "And yes indeed, as chairman of the selective investigative panel, the work that our committee delivered stopped this practice of selling baby body parts. It's something that people wanted to see shut down".