After training the sheep again showed two images - a person studied celebrities and the unknown person - and eight times out of ten they came to the celebrities with all the enthusiasm.

The sheep eventually managed to identify the familiar face eight times out of every 10.

If you ever find yourself in the company of sheep, don't be surprised if they seem to recognize you. Out of the all the shown photos, the sheep chose celebrities Jake Gyllenhaal, Barack Obama, Emma Watson, and United Kingdom television journalist Fiona Bruce.

Neuroscientists from the University of Cambridge posted a report in the Royal Society Open Science journal on Tuesday asserting that sheep are capable of distinguishing faces of animals, humans, celebrities and even former President Barak Obama as well.

It's always been known a flock can become familiar with the visages of their human handlers. Then, during the trials, the sheep were released into a pen where they had to discern between the familiar faces and an object or an unfamiliar face.

This convinced the researchers that sheep had face-recognition abilities similar to ours. Recently, scientists created genetically modified sheep that have Huntington's.

The sheep in the experiment have to decide which face is going to reward it with food.

To see if the sheep were just memorizing shapes, researchers did the same test, but with pictures in which the celebs' heads were tilted right or left. "Sheep recognise Obama from photo".

In addition to being shown images of the celebrities facing forward, scientists also tested the animals' ability to recognize the faces in photographs taken from other angles.

"Our study gives us another way to monitor how these abilities change, particularly in sheep who carry the gene mutation that causes Huntington's disease", she pointed out.