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After a long wait time, Microsoft's Office apps are now finally available on all Chromebooks - though it'll be useless if you have a larger Chromebook. Reports indicate that Chrome OS devices now have access to every Office app in the Play Store. When the first Android compatible Chromebooks came out, some were able to run Office apps, and some weren't.

Microsoft's rollout of its Office Suite, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint, has been slow and tied to flagships like Google's own Pixelbook.

Last year, Google released the capability to install Android apps in select Chromebooks.

Though Office was previously open to Chromebooks via Microsoft's free browser-based version, getting the official apps is significant. However in 2017, Google promised all launches of Chromebook in 2017 will support Google Play. For example, a lack of Microsoft Office apps on many devices. The publication checked common Chromebooks such as the Samsung Chromebook Pro, Pixelbook, two different models of Acer Chromebook 15, and the Acer C771. That left some to wonder if the apps' arrival was still forthcoming, while others explored workarounds. Sometimes the apps would then show up on some Chromebooks before disappearing without warning from others.

Are you happy to find out Microsoft Office is available on Chromebooks? (A list of which select devices are able to run Google Play is available here). Editing without a subscription to Office 365 on devices with a 10.1-inch display or smaller is limited, however. At that time, Chrome Unboxed contacted Microsoft to clarify the situation, and Microsoft responded by stating that support for Microsoft Office was in the works for Chromebooks, but some kinks had to be worked out. This is a remarkable and very surprising move as both the companies Google and Microsoft, offer competing products relating to office productivity software.