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At some point during the flight, the two passengers apparently chose to get to know one another a little better, but their desire to join the Mile High Club landed them in hot water.

A man and woman were ticketed for performing sex acts on a Detroit-bound Delta flight.

According to the Detroit Free Press, sources familiar with the case say the couple will not likely be criminally charged for the incident, but may have to pay fines of up to $800 each.

"There are children", another passenger said.

The lusty duo were issued citations for the raunchy in-flight entertainment, and the matter ended in the FBI's lap. "It's certainly distasteful, but it was not disruptive or interfering with the operation of the plane - and that's typically what [airline incident] charges involve".

The randy couple - who officials said were strangers before the flight - were busted after it occurred while they sat in their seats.

When the plane landed they were both slapped with citations and the investigation was handed over to the FBI, since it happened during the flight. They only met on board since they were on the same connecting flight from Los Angeles to Detroit.

The FBI did not return our calls to see what law was actually broken.