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Launching with the new set, Dungeon Run will see players challenge big bosses in a mode that's attempting to replicate the classic fantasy dungeon crawls.

The debut trailer for Kobolds and Catacombs emphasized exploring dungeons and finding loot. Blizzard's hope is that the mode's random nature will ensure you never get bored or want for something to do.

Kobalds & Catacombs will come to Hearthstone this December, with a special 50-pack bundle available for the one-time price of $49.99 on Battle.net and in Blizzard's game shop for those looking to pre-purchase. To celebrate the all players who log in to Hearthstone from Monday will get the card Marin The Fox for free. If you can break that chest open, you'll earn "one of the craziest cards we've ever made in Hearthstone", like Tolin's Goblet, which lets you draw a card and then fill your hand with copies of it.

This new single-player campaign is certainly the most intriguing yet. Recruit pulls a card from your deck to be played; this one specifically takes a random minion from your deck and places it on the board, which could have some devastating effects if your deck is stacked with high-cost minions. Do I smell a new card to make Quest Rogue viable in the meta again? Other cards revealed thus far include Crushing Walls which destroys your opponent's left and right-most minions.

Considering PvE content is my absolute favorite part of Hearthstone, I'm super stoked for this as apparently it's both free and you can play it as many times as you want.

Kobolds & Catacombs, which follows the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion launched in August that introduced the powerful Hero cards, will add 135 new cards and new mechanics to Hearthstone, along with an interesting new single-player mode.

The expansion also has you covered if you simply wants some new cards, too.

The Kobolds And Catacombs expansion will be released in December. The first weapon that was shown off during the Hearthstone panel was the Priest's Dragon Soul weapon that lets players summons a powerful dragon with five attack and five health after they play three spells.