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News that European Union negotiators believe the North will have to remain subject to European Union trading rules to avoid the return of a Border on the island of Ireland after Brexit is an important development in the talks.

DUP Parliamentary leader and North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds rejected the suggestion that a hard border can only be avoided if the United Kingdom or Northern Ireland continue to abide by the rules of the single market and customs union after Brexit.

The working paper, seen by RTÉ News, said that in order to avoid a hard border it is essential that there be no divergence of rules on either side of the Irish border. Allowing Northern Ireland to stay in the customs union would mean putting a border between Northern Ireland and mainland Britain.

Britain and the European Union say they are committed to ensuring Brexit does not undermine the Good Friday agreement.

It was circulated to the 27 member states on Wednesday night and presented to British negotiators in Brussels yesterday. More surprising is the time the British government has chosen for Brexit.

Speaking at a meeting of the British-Irish Council in Jersey, Mr Varadkar said his proposal would not mean the United Kingdom or Northern Ireland had to be members of the customs union and single market, but "it would mean continuing to apply the rules".

Neither want Brexit to lead to the emergence of a hard border with the Republic of Ireland.

The Commission document will place more pressure on the Conservative government given its reliance on the DUP for survival.

That is something which the Conservatives and DUP have said they can not accept as it would effectively create a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

No new negotiating rounds were agreed, as concerns mount over a possible further delay in talks and a risk of no deal if talks don't progress in December.

Speaking in Brussels today, Mr Barnier said Britain has a two-week deadline to concede on the divorce bill in time for trade talks to start this year. "We have consistently taxes and funding and enterprise and entrepreneurs and customs and borders but really children are the [.] people who are going to be living in this new reality in the future and we really need to take their voices and their rights seriously", he said. "A key priority remains to preserve the sovereignty of our courts", he said.

The UK was "ready and willing" to engage with Brussels "as often and as quickly as needed" ahead of the 14-15 December summit, he said.

"But we need to see flexibility, imagination and willingness to make progress on both sides if these negotiations are to succeed", he added.

Asked whether the European Union worries May's government might collapse, Barnier said "I am not going to comment on the internal political situation in the United Kingdom".

The Taoiseach said there had been agreement that there would no return to the border of the past. However, London continues to rule this out as Brexit must mean Brexit, and so on.

"That's the position that we hold and the best way to achieve our common objectives".

Kerr said the British government has misled voters into believing the process is unstoppable.

May added that the inclusion "in black and white" of the date Brexit will officially take place will ensure that the process can not be blocked.

He said Fine Gael is holding its party conference in the border area of Cavan this weekend, as it is very concerned about what the future holds in the border area in the context of Brexit. Democratic Unionist Party from Northern Ireland.

UK Brexit secretary David Davis again rejecting this idea on Friday, saying that the "constitutional and economic integrity" of the UK must be maintained.

Meanwhile, Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney said talk of individual countries vetoing a move to the next stage of Brexit negotiations is "unhelpful", but progress still had to be made on the border issue.