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Because of this the developers are working to get dedicated servers with a number of them already being tested this past weekend with plans to expand as they analyse the results of these tests. Sledgehammer Games detailed may other fixes and issues they are aware of on its official website including problems with headquarters, servers disconnections.

Through the Call of Duty Endowment Activision has helped a lot of veterans gain high-quality jobs once they leave the military.

On one hand, it's odd and unacceptable that a paid-for product and live service straight up isn't delivering on what it's suppose to - especially in a game that's mostly based on online play. P2P servers are supposed to alleviate the issue in the near-term. This level of data and diagnostics is helping us work toward a permanent solution as quickly as possible. Regardless, it's clear that Sledgehammer and the community have a long road ahead before Call of Duty: WW2's online multiplayer is in a playable state. We've begun to test dedicated servers today in the US. But we get it, headquarters is best enjoyed with a thriving, fully populated social community interacting together. So hang in there while we address the most pressing concerns first. This new update will be rolled out to console players before coming to PC. It turns out that they were right-not because Sledgehammer forgot to turn it on, but because it forgot to turn it off. You aren't going insane, Sledgehammer Games mistakenly launched the game with double XP bonuses turned on.

Call of Duty: WWII was meant to be a return to form for publisher Activision's flagship game franchise but its launch has been marred with errors and rampant server issues.

If you think you will buy all of the maps because you loved the Call of Duty: WWII beta or because you enjoyed your first weekend with the game than you should buy the Season Pass. There's a laundry list of things that are happening to players, like getting disconnected from parties, lobbies, post-match disconnects and freezes of the game that require a complete restart.