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Its 755bhp and 715lb ft of torque make the vehicle the most powerful Corvette - and most powerful Chevrolet - built to date.

Earning it that title is a new V8 engine for the auto that weighs in a 6.2 litres and spits out 755hp and a hefty 715 lb-ft of torque, all of which helps propel the 2019 ZR1 to over 201mph according to Chevy.

The cast aluminium block and heads some how withstand huge forces, forces of which translate to an SAE-certified 563kW (755hp) and 969Nm (715 lb-ft). Powered by a supercharged LS9 engine, it made 638 horsepower with a top speed of just 205 miles per hour.

Chevrolet claims a top speed of more than 210mph, although no other performance figures have been provided.

The ZR1, which goes on sale spring 2019, will be offered with a choice of two aero packages: "Low Wing" and "High Wing".

DUBAI-The Chevrolet Corvette is returning in 2019 faster and more powerful than ever. Alternatively, you can specify the High Wing, which maximizes downforce and is optimized for going around corners at track speeds.

Power is sent to the rear axle through either a manual seven-speed or eight-speed paddle-shift automatic gearbox - the first automatic transmission in a Chevrolet supercar.

Chevrolet is calling this the most powerful and fastest Corvette of all time. The first of these adds a "low" rear wing. The price is yet to be announced, but if you must ask, you probably can not afford it. Count on spending six figures, though, and that's before dealers add markup.

An underbody front wing helps to balance out the handling and leaves plenty of space above it for three air intakes that help feed some of the baker's dozen of heat exchangers needed to keep the ZR1's components cool.

The High Wing is part of the ZTK Performance Package, which also throws in a giant front splitter with carbon fibre end caps, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres and specific tuning for the chassis and Magnetic Ride Control dampers, delivering greater cornering grip. This design package also includes body-coloured brake calipers, rocker and splitter accent stripes, seat belts and stitching, as well as exclusive bronze aluminum interior trim.

Both of the ZR1's wings are tied into the chassis, like the Corvette Racing C7.R racecar, for strength and stability. Other options include heated and ventilated Nappa leather, carbon-fiber portions of the steering-wheel rim, high-performance seats, Bose premium audio and GM's Performance Data Recorder.