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Going by the name of World of Warcraft: Classic, this server will not have any of the new races, classes, or regions from the expansions.

Blizzard has a metric ton of upcoming content for World of Warcraft players, both those looking forward to the future and those pining for the past. The Alliance will begin in the pirate-infested Kul Tiras, while the Horde will tackle the trolls on the continent of Zandalar.

While that trailer lives up to Blizzard's legacy of creating cinematics worthy of the big screen, it unfortunately doesn't tell us much about the game itself. "Not the actual launch experience", he jokes.

Battle for Azeroth will see players battling it out in groups of three to collect island resources across previously unmapped islands of Azeroth.

During BlizzCon 2017 Blizzard revealed a brand new cinematic trailer, showing off the next expansion to the God-father of all MMO RPG's. That is evidenced today by the company announcing World Of Warcraft Classic.

In addition to the new expansion, Blizzard finally announced it will deliver on a feature that fans have long requested: classic servers. This means you'll be able to choose the order you advance through zones and take on quests from the get-go.

"Battle for Azeroth will make you prouder than ever to declare your allegiance to the noble Alliance", said Blizzard's senior vice president and executive producer J Allen Brack on stage. The level cap has been raised to 120 and players can also use the Heart of Azeroth neck piece and imbue it with Azerite to customize their armor with new powers and traits.