Google unveiled the Pixel Buds for $159 in early October along with the Google Home, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and more. Now, the latest issue that is annoying some users is the device's edges being unresponsive to touch. As the search engine giant's massive flagship handset has only been in the market for a few weeks, users have reported yet another issue concerning the responsiveness of the screen edges. The original poster noticed that while sliding his finger along the screen's edges worked as expected, his taps along the edges were not always registered.

He also thinks that the fault lies with Google's accidental touch protection software.

Google addressed a number of complaints with a software update last week, and it might need to do something similar again. Google is aware of the situation as the initial post happened to be from a Community Manager according to a report by Android Police.

There have been a variety of Google Pixel 2 XL display problems that have frustrated owners of the smartphone. Several users have complained on Google's official forum and some have even documented it in a video.

For the Pixel 2 XL users who do not use edge gestures, this issue may not have impacted their day to day usage as much. As a part of master promotion plan, Indian users will also get free wireless earphones from Sennheiser worth Rs. 11,990 free with each Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL order.

The Pixel Buds mark Google's first attempt to dabble in the wireless earbuds category. Considering the facts that came out from the information that surfaced online, the OLED panel in the HTC made Pixel 2 is supplied by Samsung whereas the OLED panel in the LG-made Pixel 2 XL comes from LG.