A new label for Harry Potter Games, named Portkey Games, has been announced via Twitter and Pottermore today. Interactive, which has even launched a new division called Portkey Games that's dedicated to the project.

Do you expect Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite to capture the nation's attention in the same way that Pokemon GO did? Ingress is more centered on location defense and exploration than capturing Pokemon, so this would make sense for an epic fantasy franchise that pits good against evil.

Niantic, the company that makes the hit mobile game "Pokémon Go", is now making a smartphone game set in the universe of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter.

That's about all we know right now but we've reached out to contacts at both Warner Bros. and Niantic to find out more. Upon its release, the game found its way into people's everyday lives, and was a significant, if but brief, pop-culture phenomenon. "And we weren't as communicative and open in the beginning [of Pokémon Go] because that was sort of a new process for our partners", Niantic CEO John Hanke acknowledged to The Verge in July.

Niantic first appeared on the scene with the 2013 release of Ingress, their first foray into "augmented reality" gaming.

Wizards Unite will be available to smart phone users in 2018 through Niantic Labs.

Niantic is, once again, developing the game, which will come out next year. Players could take on the roles of wizards who learn new spells and have to battle other players in real world locations. This is likely due in no small part to Niantic's commitment to providing Pokemon Go players with more frequent content updates and regular holiday events.