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The actor, who is facing serious accusations of sexual misconduct, has a notable role in the film, and his involvement has already seen Sony tone down its Oscar promotion for the movie.

United States actor Kevin Spacey is to be erased from a completed Hollywood film following the allegations of predatory sexual behaviour against him.

The movie - a thriller about the real life kidnapping of oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty's grandson - will replace Spacey's role as with Christopher Plummer. Spacey was set to play the the elder Getty, and the decision to reshoot his role entirely, especially so close to the film's release date, is extremely unprecedented. We'll keep you posted.

The decision to remove Spacey from All the Money in the World was made by Scott along with Imperative Entertainment's Dan Friedkin and Bradley Thomas, with the cast and crew of the film, Sony Pictures, as well as Williams and Mark Wahlberg cooperating.

The movie has also been withdrawn from the American Film Institute's (AFI) annual festival in Los Angeles later this month. The news of comes after Netflix had said that they would also not be involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey.

Spacey is now off getting "treatment" probably the same place Weinstein is, probably watching his career go up in flames all around him.

The decision follows more sexual misconduct allegations against the Oscar-winner from a woman who says he touched her 18-year-old son in MA last year.

Former television news anchor Heather Unruh said that her son did not report the crime at the time, largely out of embarrassment and fear, The Independent wrote.

Spacey has suffered a rapid fall from grace since actor Anthony Rapp, who starred in the 2005 musical Rent, accused Spacey of making sexual advances toward him in 1986 when Rapp was 14.

A lawyer for Spacey did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment Wednesday.