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To wit, Greta Gerwig's directorial debut is now the best-reviewed movie ever on Rotten Tomatoes, per EW, topping a classic in Toy Story 2.

This honour, tallied by the esteemed film site's method of rating, is shared by several other films, such as Singin' In The Rain, Laura and The Philadelphia Story.

Disney/Pixars 1999 animated hit previously held the record with 164 “fresh” reviews, while Lady Bird, starring Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf, has since racked up 170 - much to writer/director Gerwigs excitement.

Gerwig has won the Rare Pearl Award at the Denver International Film Festival while Saoirse Ronan won Best Actress at the Gotham Awards.

Longing to leave for the bright lights of the East Coast, self-titled Lady Bird gets into a spot of trouble as she navigates the murky waters of familial relationships and battles with her volatile emotions.

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That movie notched a 100% score as well, but only 163 reviews were recorded toward that rating.

If Rotten Tomatoes is anything to go by - and it's the only metric I trust - Lady Bird is just about the best film to come into the cinema in years. Till date, only such movies as The Work, Dawson City: Frozen Time, Faces Places, Truman, The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki (Hymyilevä Mies) out of 100 movies have earned the ideal rating this year.

Move over, Toy Story 2.

Since its November 3 release, Lady Bird has made more than $10 million, despite having played in only 800 or so theaters nationwide. “We put our heart and souls into this movie, and the last step of this deeply collaborative art form of filmmaking is giving the film to the audience and the film critics.

She continued, "That there has been such a warm reception is a dream come true". The film comes from actress Greta Gerwig, who wrote and directed the flick, and with all the rave reviews it's getting, it's very possible that this could be an Oscar contender for next year.