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Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have terminated DC Comics Group Editor Eddie Berganza. Everyone who said they complained about Berganza to DC's human resources department in 2010 has since left the company, and some comics professionals said they turned down offers to work on titles that Berganza oversaw because of the allegations against him. In 2012, Berganza assaulted a woman in a widely witnessed incident at a con, after which he was effectively demoted, moved to the still-prestigious position of group editor for the Superman universe. Berganza's reputation of sexual misconduct was well known within the comic industry, but was brought to the attention of the general public when Buzzfeed wrote a lengthy article about the former editor's behavior late last week, leading to some extra scrutiny placed on DC and Warner Bros.

DC editor Liz Gehrlein Marsham went on record saying that Berganza tried to grope her and frequently kissed her and invaded her space when she was a young editor at the company.

Within comics culture, Berganza's alleged behavior has for years been an open secret, the subject of blunt gossip and open speculation. BuzzFeed's article suggests that Berganza was the unnamed superior.

The group editor of DC Comics has been fired amid allegations of sexual harassment.

In 2016, when DC fired popular veteran Vertigo editor Shelly Bond, the comics community teemed with anger, questioning why capable women were being fired when Berganza, a rumored serial harasser, was allowed to remain. Instead of being investigated, or fired, Berganaza was named executive editor later that same year.

A promotional image of DC Comics villains and superheroes. But for the victims, as well as the larger crowd of women who are noted to have avoided work at DC because of the well-known threat of Berganza, this will hopefully be a fresh start. Shortly after the allegations came out, DC suspended Berganza and pulled him off from his editorial duties.

Dark Knights: Metal is now unfolding in DC Comics; DC Entertainment will release Justice League in theaters on November 17th.